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So here I am sitting at my computer bored off my ass because that person Patrick did the one thing that annoys me....STAY UP INSTEAD OF SLEEPING...v.v I wish you wouldn't do that baby, I wanted to cook dinner for you after I relaxed a bit but unfortunately the dead do not eat pork chops.... Well in other news I am offically in my 7th month of pregnancy and believe me ladies, it sucks.. tomorrow the doctors shall be poking me with needles and making me cry..fyi I HATE NEEDLES AND BLOOD..::wimper:: but yah work was cool today..long but cool.. the transformer blew and knocked the power out at the movie theater and at Petsmart so we were packed, so packed I was pulled off of break and on to a register. It sucked. This child will be the end of me.. I can already see it..lol all she does is jab me in the hip or do freaking rolls in my belly.. I really should go and get some sleep but I do not want to mess up my sleep schedule by going to bed too early. OH! I have a new buddy.. this girl is pretty awesome.. all we did was joke around (new coworker) and I also had this funny weird/cool customer today.. the lady had to be 50 and she had her lip, labre, nose, both her eye brows (twice) pierced oh and her tongue.. of course I was like "whos your piercer" and apparently she use to go to Factor 5 until they got closed down (did they..thought they were open) and now she goes to Hollys..btw I was actually offered a job at Hollys to be a piercer but that cannot happen until I am just a little bit less pregnant..(I need to have the baby in other words) Oh and if you wanted to know Hollys will not be tatooing until January of next year...hopefully then.. this state sucks for pushing it back that far..my dog is a little slow.. I got a replacement mouse for the cat 'cause she tore it up and of course she has the new one.......DAMN YOU DOG!! I dislike reese witherspoon...and that damn blonde movie....seen it waaaay too many times.. oh and woot woot my mr. man is taking me to my fav. resturant on thursday.. of course we are going with another couple and they womans kids but hey its still cool.. what restuarant you say.....Madra Rou (sp I am tired give me a damn break) so tired.. where is that damn cat.....probably warming patricks feet.. or jumping on his face.. if I hear him yell "Stupid Fucking Cat" I will know the answer. My collection of Avalon books are coming along nicely.. I think I am missing just one..on and do not laugh I want the new Harry Potter book when it comes out.. and no I am not one of those Potter fanatics.. its just a wonderfully written book... oh I now have every Laurell K. Hammelton (Merry Gentry series) books...I know I probably spell the name wrong but my eyes hurt and it looks right to my eyes..lol.. hmm was that our roommates car door shutting.. me thinks it was......::checks::..nevermind if the door opens its the roommate.. yes I am lazy and proud of it..damn I really had a chocolate craving today.. picture this.. choc. pudding...choc. milk...choc. ice cream with choc. syrup.....lol man that makes my teeth hurt lol... the one cool thing about my job is that I get to play with the aminals (spelled wrong purposely).. I got to play with a cat, a ferret, and several types of doggies.. actually several collies (not the border breed) one thing I think me and patrick really need to get done it that baby room.. I still need to wash the clothes my grandmother has sent me and through the ugly ones she sent in the attic..lol well I guess I have talk...typed.. enough.. I surely think that makes up for all the times I haven't posted lol.. later days guys and gals


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