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1) Is jannaworshipper dead sexy? wouldnt know lol
2) Is trilobyte in a relationship? not that i know of
3) Which president would leannie be likely to idolize? the hippie one..yah that one
4) Would jannaworshipper and gothikwish make a good couple? god i hope not
5) Which of your friends should kity go out with? patrick ;)
6) What do you disagree with l8rt8r about? dunno
7) If gothikwish and bradleynipples were siamese twins, where would they be joined? the butt
8) Does dixiegrits travel a lot? no
9) Where was leannie born? south carolina
10) What animal does tamiloo remind you of? a minx
11) Does trilobyte go to your school? nope
12) What is leanniefae's favorite band/artist? nirvana
13) What is bradleynipples's biggest flaw? hes too sexy
14) What word best describes dixiegrits? family
15) Do you think bradleynipples is hot? no not at all ;)
16) If tamiloo took over the world, who would suffer? dead beat dads
17) Is gothikwish single? definately not
18) Did chroniclunacy break up with you? nope
19) Is nalamon popular? sure is
20) Has lawnmower been to your house/dorm? yes she use to live here
21) If leannie commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? oh god....uh.............thats scary
22) Has leannie dyed their hair? NEVER NEVER
23) Where was dixiegrits born? Charleston
24) What would trilobyte do differently in your shoes? well...not get pregnant lol
25) Does bradleynipples have a dog? do you bradley i dont know
26) What would huntress100 think of gothikwish? she loves my gothikwish
27) Have you ever dated gothikwish? ..............maybe.....
28) Is dixiegrits your best friend? nope
29) If bradleynipples took over the world, who would be happy? women
30) Is nalamon athletic? yah if ddr is a sport
31) What is huntress100's favorite food? pizza
32) What is tna's favorite color? red
33) What video game does dixiegrits remind you of? that big rig game with all the country people in it
34) Where did you first meet lawnmower? kappys house
35) What rank would kity have in a giant robot army? supreme ruler
36) Does trilobyte know gothikwish? yes
37) Do you have leanniefae's screenname? yes
38) Is gothikwish related to you? ...by marriage
39) Thoughts on trilobyte? yummy
40) If zenogais had a superpower, what would it be? wow..uh.. hed have the power to detect and repell bullshit
41) Is tna a high school student? nope
42) What color should gothikwish dye their hair? chocolate cherry
43) What would you do if you found out l8rt8r has a crush on you? i dont know
44) Would kappy go out with theoppositesex? ...no
45) What flavor of jello would huntress100 be? anything but cherry lol
46) If tna were hanging off a cliff, what would l8rt8r do? hopefuly throw a rope and help
47) Is tna a college student? no
48) What planet should gothikwish be from? sexy
49) One quality you find attractive in zenogais? hes funny
50) If dixiegrits and wyzrdsmage were spliced together, what would be its name? wow that would be a redneck danara
51) How would huntress100 kill kity? she wouldnt she loves kity
52) How long have you known l8rt8r? as long as we've been lj buddies
53) What would chroniclunacy give gothikwish for his/her birthday? a spoon
54) If bradleynipples and l8rt8r were spliced together, what would it be like? i dont know
55) Would you set up wyzrdsmage and jannaworshipper? nah
56) Would you wrestle bradleynipples in jello? why yes i would
57) Would leannie and kappy look good together? as friends yes but "together" no
58) What comic book character would chroniclunacy be? Kyleman
59) Does zenogais have a big secret? wouldnt doubt it
60) If nalamon was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? ME
61) Would dixiegrits be a better ninja or pirate? Pirate
62) What would you do if chroniclunacy died? go to his funeral
63) Would you ever date chroniclunacy? nah hes too much of a brotherly figure to me
64) One thing you can't stand about vensitto? he knows how to scare the shit out of me by suprising
65) What exotic animal would leanniefae like as a pet? monkey
66) What languages does vensitto speak? his own
67) Does chroniclunacy smoke? no
68) Is dixiegrits an emo? no
69) Is kappy related to wyzrdsmage? no
70) How tall is vensitto? very very very very tall
71) kity's hair color? brown
72) What is huntress100 allergic to? lithium
73) Does theoppositesex do drugs? maybe
74) Are lawnmower and nalamon going steady? no
75) What song/movie would you recommend to vensitto? anything ddr
76) When did you last call dixiegrits? week or 2 ago
77) Does leannie have a crush on zenogais? not now but maybe in the past
78) l8rt8r's eye color? dont know
79) What do you agree with kappy about? that i am not white
80) What mental disorder does tamiloo remind you of? she reminds me of a sugar high not a disorder
81) Do you have a crush on vensitto? nope
82) Are leannie and vensitto married? NEGATIVE
83) Have you flirted with jannaworshipper? Nope
84) Could you see huntress100 and lawnmower together? no
85) Is vensitto introverted or extroverted? introverted
86) How long would chroniclunacy dating tamiloo last? 3 seconds
87) Is tamiloo friends with chroniclunacy? nope
88) How many monkeys could jannaworshipper fight at once and win against? MILLIONS..
89) What animal should wyzrdsmage be combined with? a sexy frog
90) How would wyzrdsmage conquer the world? with music
91) What is bradleynipples's favorite movie? dunno
92) Are tna and dixiegrits going out? no no no no
93) Is chroniclunacy 1337? no...
94) Would you make out with zenogais? i have but no
95) Does leannie drink? yes
96) Where would leannie most like to visit? reality lol
97) What is kappy's shoe size? 6
98) Is leanniefae a nerd? no
99) Do leannie and zenogais go to the same school? they did
100) What is huntress100's favorite game? gear head garage
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thanks for the compliments sweetie. women would be happy! no dog, and my favorite movie is wedding crashers